Skeleskare: The Return of the Lost Souls

Last Halloween, the spectral citizens of 17th-century Lutherington clawed their way back to the earthly realm, their peaceful rest shattered by the demonic Mazikeen. The demon and his witchy accomplice may have been vanquished, but the veil between our world and theirs remains perilously thin. This year, the ghostly villagers return, grateful for another chance to tread the earth… but they are not alone.

As the sun sets and darkness descends, a more sinister presence lurks in the shadows. Charon, the Ferryman to the underworld, is on a mission, ruthlessly dispatching any who cross his path to the deepest, darkest corners of the beyond. Your challenge? Pay your coin to the Ferryman, join forces with the villagers, and make your way back to the land of the living before the veil snaps shut.

But tread carefully. As you delve deeper into the pits of the underworld, desperate souls will stop at nothing to claw their way back to the mortal realm. Their ticket back? Taking YOUR place.

Keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you. Watch the shadows. They will be watching you.

This Halloween, dare to join us for a night of spine-chilling scares, heart-stopping surprises, and bone-rattling fun. Will you survive the Fright Night at Lotherton Hall? Or will you become another lost soul, forever trapped in the shadows?

Suitable for 8 to 15 year olds, not suitable for timid children.

What to expect

Set around the woodland estate of Lotherton Hall, this walk-through scare event has live scare actors plus sound and lighting effects to immerse you in the secrets of the restless dead!

Guests will enter the estate at their allotted time and will travel down the paths past the house,  to the creepy remains of Lutherington Village, where they will meet ghostly characters as the story comes to life. They will then head down the dark paths of the haunted woodlands, where scare actors will be waiting and watching!

The scare experience will last approximately 30 minutes

For those who dare to hang around after, the Shepherd’s Hut will be open in the gardens, where guests can grab a haunting snack or warming drink.

Book your tickets soon…. if you dare!