Breeze Pass Terms and Conditions

  1. Breeze Pass Perks are only valid if presented by the named membership holder.
  2. The membership remains valid for the duration of the Breeze Pass scheme or until the expiry date shown on the Pass.
  3. The Breeze Pass must be presented to claim a Pass Perk discount or offer.
  4. All Breeze Pass offers are liable to withdrawal and subject to the availability and the terms and conditions of the service provider.
  5. Leeds City Council accepts no liability at all for loss, damage or disappointment you may suffer arising out of your membership of the Breeze Pass scheme except where such loss or damage or disappointment has arisen through any breach by the council of the terms of the Breeze Pass scheme.
  6. Leeds City Council in no way endorses or accepts liability for any non-Leeds City Council products or services offered under the Breeze Pass scheme. 
  7. Leeds City Council reserves the right to refuse issue of a Breeze Pass and to withdraw membership if misused
  8. Data collected when presenting your Breeze Pass at events and activities will be used to assess participation rates and may be shared with other departments within Leeds City Council to help plan and fund future activities to enhance services more effectively. All data will be anonymised.
  9. Leeds City Council from time to time will employ services of third parties to assist in providing you with membership information, such as discounts and events. This will be done in accordance with the GDPR. We will not disclose member’s information to any other third party unless required to do so by law.
  10. Your data will be held in accordance with the principles of GDPR