What is Breeze?

Breeze is how Leeds City Council shows children and young people up to the age of 19 to things going on in the city that are designed just for them.

Breeze organises some events and we try our best to tell you about all other activities for children and young people happening in the city. We alsotry to give you easy access to information and activities plus exclusive discounts, vouchers and competitions.

Here are some Breeze things you might be interested in:

If you want to get involved with Breeze...

  • Check out the map search to find things to do and places to go
  • Use your BreezeCard number to access the members area
  • Get a free BreezeCard.  It’s a library card, Breeze event ticket, discount card and the key to all things Breeze
  • Get down to the scorching Breeze on Tour, Mini Breeze and Breeze@ events during your school holidays
  • Get involved with Breeze Arts Festival; offering showcases and performances for and by the young people of Leeds - breezeartsfestival@leeds.gov.uk
  • Tell Breeze what you think on our contact us page.

If you want to share your information on Breeze...

Breeze can help organisations share information with children and young people, we list  activities, offer competitions, share news and photos plus we offer vouchers and discounts to BreezeCard holders.  Join Breeze Culture Network to share your activities for children and young people on BreezeLeeds.org.

We can also help organisations with consultation with young people and help young people have their say about things that matter to them. Email us at breeze@leeds.gov.uk to find out more.

If you are interested in childcare and out of school clubs please go to www.leeds.gov.uk/childcare or search The Family Hub at www.thefamilyhubleeds.org. If you would like to gain experience working with children and young people you can find out about jobs at www.leeds.gov.uk/vacancies.



Jake Sutcliffe 09/01/2015 11:22:14
I have just seen a poster for breeze ARTS WEEK for February Half-Term but cannot find any details on your website
Breeze 14/08/2013 09:12:24
Hi Jo

Thanks for your comments.The reason there is a height restriction is for health and saefty reasons and you have to understand the safety of your child and the other children on the inflatables has to be our highest priority. We follow manufacturers guidelines.

We havent advertised face painting as we do not do face painting at our Breeze events as those children with their faces painted are not allowed on the inflatables afterwards as it comes off on all the equipment.

The illustration of the mic was for the entertainment element, not karaoke, we apologise if this is not clear.

Thanks for your comments, we will use them to help us shape and inform plans for future Breeze events and promotions.

Jo 13/08/2013 20:58:05
Hi I agree with Verity I have a small 6 yr old and when we went to a breeze event he could only go on two small bouncy castles. Whilst I understand there is health and safety restrictions I also think if it is quiet and not many on, WHY NOT if the parent gives say so. All his friends were going on the next bouncy castles and he had to go on the baby ones with his little sister. there was a massage and nails stall (which I don't think would entertain a 6 yr old boy) and some football goal posts (which we have at home) on the advert it said face painting! and a mic for Karoke! I thought it was a good idea but my first breeze trip was disappointing. sorry
Breeze Team 28/07/2012 07:11:15
Hi Verity - there has to be height restrictions for health and safety reasons, some activities are just not safe for smaller children!! But we do try to offer lots for all ages.
Verity 27/07/2012 21:42:07
I think breeze is good for the children but there shouldn't be hight restricted on each event .
suddan husein 15/03/2012 09:22:34
i think breeze helps young children
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