Leeds Children's Mayor Candidate: Bramley St Peters Primary School

Name: Shavannah Wood
School: Bramley St. Peters Primary School
Slogan: Be a culture vulture!

Do you realise that there are 9 amazing museums / galleries in Leeds?
(Abbey House Museum, The Discovery Centre, Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds City Museum, Armley Mills, Temple Newsam, Lotherton Hall and Thwaites Mill)

There is also an amazing website that tells you all about them – but do children know it is there?

We are lucky to have all of these fabulous museums but how many children go and visit them? I did a survey around all the classes in my school and found that only 15 children out of 253 had been to Lotherton Hall and only 97 had been to Kirkstall Abbey – which is on our doorstep!

Isn’t this terrible?
How do we improve this?
If I were ‘Children’s Mayor there are three things I would do.


I would ask Leeds City Council to arrange a free open day/weekend to all 9 museums, to encourage more children and adults to visit. This would really help large families, like mine, where there are six children for whom the cost can get very expensive.


If we want it to be easy to travel from one museum to another on the open day then we need cheaper bus fares for families on that day. I would write to First Leeds and WYMetro to ask them to put on special prices for the museum open day once a date had been decided.


I would help design a leaflet to inform all the children in Leeds about the 9 fabulous museums. In it I would put opening times, where they are (mark them all on a map of leeds) and how much they usually cost. It would also give them the website address ( http://www.leeds.gov.uk/museumsand galleries/Pages/default.aspx ). Hopefully it could also tell them about the free open day we had organised!

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