Leeds Children's Mayor Candidate: Bramley St Peters


Name: Norman Tembo
School: Bramley St. Peters Primary School
Slogan: Quit littering! Start binning!

If I was Children’s Mayor I would make people aware of the numerous problems caused by littering here in Leeds, especially those that affect where we play as children.

Did you know 1,000,000 sea creatures die every year because we throw plastic bags and other rubbish in the sea? The rubbish also pollutes the land which affects not just animals but us children too. It increases the chance of diseases such as vomiting, diarrhea, skin diseases and in extreme cases cholera and malaria. As well as making our parks and streets smelly, dirty and unsafe places to play.

Awareness is vital; people have to know the dangers of littering. A can on the ground could be picked up by a child who may: spread germs, cut themselves or even become sick from drinking the contents. Rubbish can also be hazardous and poisonous and can also injure animals and block our drainage system.

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds there are three things I would do:

1. First I would create a poster with all the dangers of littering and what we as a community of Leeds can do to tackle it. I would print out the poster and send it to all the primary schools in Leeds so they can be made aware. I would create a small version of the poster into a flyer which can be given to every child in Leeds to give to their parents so they can also be made aware.

2. Secondly, I would write a letter to all head teachers in Leeds to encourage the pupils of their school to design their own posters and display them in their schools. Also to encourage them to make sure they have a paper recycling bins in every room in school.

3. Lastly, I would go to the Town Hall and meet the council. I would show them the poster and ask them to provide more bins around Leeds, including more recycling bins on school grounds. They could also get involved in making the public in Leeds more aware of the dangers of littering by printing bigger posters and displaying them around Leeds.

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