Leeds Children's Mayor

Introducing the new 2014/15 Children's Mayor of Leeds!

2014 marked the tenth year of having an elected Children's Mayor in Leeds - and what a way to celebrate! Over 600 manifesto's were written by children in the city, over 6000 votes were cast and at a special awards evening at the Civic Hall in November the winner was announced as....

Amy Eckworth-Jones from Strawberry Fields Primary School! Amy's manifesto entitled "Have fun, play safe" proved to be the most popular but it was very close with all ten finalists each receiving hundreds of votes. 

You can read Amy's winning manifesto below - as well as the entries from our nine fantastic runners up.


What is the Leeds Children's Mayor programme?

Every year, year six pupils in primary schools are invited to enter the Leeds Children’s Mayor programme. Pupils write a short manifesto saying how they would improve Leeds if they were the Children’s Mayor. The manifesto must be based on one of the 12 Wishes for a more child friendly Leeds.

From all the entries, the ten finalists are chosen by a panel of children and young people. Children and young people in the city are then asked to vote for who they would like to elect as their next Children's Mayor - and the winner is announced by the Lord Mayor in an event every November.

The first major duty of the new Children's Mayor is to help switch on the Leeds Christmas Lights. In January they are invited to attend a full council meeting to read their manifesto out to all 99 city councillors. This is called a 'deputation'

After the 'deputation' the idea is passed to the City Council's 'executive board' who then write a report containing ideas on how to support the winning idea.
For more information about the project and how to get involved please email

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