Fitness Kinnex @ Armley Leisure Centre

Armley Leisure Centre has a brand new 2 hour fitness and sport session starting in February on Mondays and Fridays from 4pm - 6pm, for children aged between 8 – 12 years old.

Fitness Kinnex encourages fitness training and promotes a healthier lifestyle in a two hour fun session incorporating Street Dance kidz and Boxercise kidz along with circuit style group workouts and a variation on different sports from week to week. This will also include fun educational quizzes and team sports along with mini fun games on the XBOX 360 kinect sports.


Who: 8-14yr olds
What: Learn routines choreographed to urban funk and R’n’B music.
Where: Armley Leisure Centre
When: Mondays 5 – 5.45pm


Who: 8-12yr olds
What: Two hour fun session that includes Street Dance and Boxercise along with circuit style group workouts, fun quizzes and team sports.
Where: Armley Leisure Centre
When: Every Monday 4 – 6pm and Friday 4 – 6pm


Who: 8-12yr olds
What: A high energy class that combines boxing skills with keeping fit and having fun.
Where: Armley Leisure Centre
When: Every Friday 4 – 4.45pm

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