25/05/2016 12:00 AM

Tinker Club - Story Box Adventures

Design, tinker, make.
Imagine, invent, create!

Create a home for your own crazy characters and stories. From castles, airports, fairgrounds and cities to space ships, fish tanks and zoos! Limited only by your imagination!

Then when you get home why not put on a performance or even make a movie with your new creation!

Using scrap and tools in our very own Scrap Tinker Lab, learn new skills, and share them. Bring your own adult to give you a hand then take your invention home.

Lead by our this month's Tinkerer in Chief, Kathleen Yore from Odd Doll Puppetry Theatre, this hands on interactive workshop part of our series of monthly Saturday afternoon tinkering sessions.

Suitable for ages 6+ over the months th ere will be something different on offer in our very special Tinker Lab.

At Tinker Club you will be listening carefully to health and safety advice, you will be using tools and equipment you might not have used before, you will be learning new skills, you will probably be wearing goggles, you may bash your thumb with a hammer if you are not careful, and you will definitely be having a lot of fun with piles of scrap and junk, tools and equipment including some sharp things and some hot things. Pencils behind ears a must!

Adults are welcome to join in the fun, sharing their skills or learning new ones, or just hang out in the Scrap cafe, next to the Lab, with cake, coffee, wi-fi or a good book.

This is not a drop off event.

Places are £8 per child (their adult goes free) - book your place in advance via Pay Pal here www.scrapstuff.co.uk/#!book-your-places/c9c6