06/07/2017 12:00 AM

Scrap Makerspace Summer Camps

Over at Sunnybank Mills in Farsley in the Scrap Makerspace this summer holiday… get real with real tools and equipment at our wonderful Scrap Makerspace Summer Camps there are two one-day camps and for those who want to really get into it, we have two four-day camps!

Explore scrap materials and learn new skills and share ideas and knowledge with likeminded young Makers in a fun and super inspiring environment. You’ll have plenty of time to create something wonderful at ‘camp’.
Places are limited, age 7+ these camps are  £30 per child for a day camp (Friday 4th August and Friday 11th August), and £140 per child four a four day camp (Tues - Fri inclusive) - drop off anytime from 9.30am, bring your own lunch, learn about tools and being amazingly creative with scrap materials.
Book via paypal here and read the detail of each session here on our events calendar here.

ONE DAY CAMP - 2D to 3D Consequences Sculpture with Jessica Ciantar
Friday 4 Aug 10am - 4pm-ish / £30

Ever seen a chicken with a dogs head? Or a dog with chicken legs? How about a robot with a elephant's belly, 14 hands (all different) and spider's legs? Have a chuckle at this workshop making your own 'other worldly' beast. See how the 2D becomes the 3D in this full on explosion of making! Age 7+.

Catapults, Perpetual Motion, Automata with LeKisha Bradley
Tuesday 8 Aug - riday 11 Aug 10am - 4pm-ish / £30

Scrap Snakes and Ladders, Clockwork Pac-Man, or Mega Mouse Trap? What's your pleasure? You make it, we'll play it. On day one you’ll team up to plan and design a challenge then it'll be a race to build your design in time for the official Scrap Makerspace Pop Up Games Compendium 2017 on the last day of this one Scrap Maker Camp. This is engineering as well as inventing! Age 7+

Stop Motion Animation & Set Building with Richard Shaw
Tuesday 22 Aug - Friday 25 Aug 10am - 4pm-ish

Learn how animated films are made and practice animating with a professional armature and industry standard software. Explore low to no budget options, reusing scrap to create animations using free apps and software. Design and make characters, props and sets using a wide variety of materials, tools and equipment. Age 7+.

Deconstruction & Inventing with James Diable
Tuesday 29 Aug - Friday 1 Sep 10am - 4pm-ish

At this Maker Camp you will scour Scrap for materials to take apart and pull out the innards like a rather careless surgeon might do, and then, like the wonderful scientist slash inventor slash engineer you are, using your newly honed skills with real tools and equipment you will create your own monster, or robot, or cyberpunk dog, or bionic arm - something that can enhance your life by taking on a few of those jobs that you just don't ever get around to. Age 7+.

Find out more about our marvellous makers here.

Find full details and booking at our Workshop Calendar website page here http://www.scrapstuff.co.uk/calendar

Questions? Email scrapprogramme@gmail.com or phone Sarah on 07503749560.

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