22/07/2015 12:00 AM

Scrap - Drop in and Make It! summer holiday workshops

Design, Tinker, Make, Play! at amazing Scrap in Sunnybank Mills Farsley over the summer.
These holiday drop in sessions are aimed at ages 5+ or ages 3-5 year olds and provide open ended play opportunities in our magnificent Making Room using a variety of inspiring materials. The very best thing is whatever happens is directed by the children - we're just there to make sure they see what's on offer from our mountains of stupendous scrap!
Age 5+
all 1 - 2.30pm
Friday 24th July
Friday 7th August
Friday 14th August
Friday 21st August
​These sessions provide families and older children with the opportunity to work together with our in-house creative arts team with various recycled materials in our inspiring creative space.  Activities may include sculpture, model making, weaving, puppet making, fashion, textile art and lots more. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Although parents with older children are able to mooch around the Centre, stay in the café area and have a coffee and use free wi-fi - or join in!  Children of all ages above 5 years are welcome.
Age 3-5
Friday 7th August - 10.30am - 11.30am
As these sessions are for younger children we will not be using tools but very much encouraging design, play and construction. We're focusing on ages 3-5 but if you have a younger child who would also like to join in they can come too. For anyone not sure about their babies and toddlers enjoying being in a wider group we also run sessions for ages 0-3 years which set a gentler pace. See the Scrap calendar for when those sessions are on.
The Spinning Mill
Sunnybank Mills
off Farsley Town Street
Leeds LS28
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