16/09/2015 12:00 AM

Little Voices Resource Pack Launch

On Monday 21st September Opera North will be launching their new resource pack for Little Voices, giving parents/carers the opportunities to receive a pack for FREE. The resource pack includes songs sung in our weekly sessions, as well as new songs which you not be so familiar with.

The resource pack is great way to access music at home. Music can have a powerful effect on our emotions. For a young child, there is nothing more reassuring and stimulating that the sound of singing from a loved one. You don’t have to be a confident singer to make music with your child, just hearing the vibrations of your voice will be enough to inspire a response.

Singing every day with your child can enhance their language development and communication skills, not to mention the social and learning skills they can develop through music. 
“Little Voices teaches basic musical skills in a fun and playful way. Sound and silence, rhythm and pulse, high and low, basic percussion and listening skills are all covered within the sessions. I have studied music and singing and worked in many early years settings. I particularly love working with very young children as the pure uninhibited response to music reminds me to try to experience it myself with the freshness of hearing something for the first time.” Kathryn Sturman, Little Voices Leader. 

For further details about booking onto this session please contact Lisa Clayton at lisa.clayton@operanorth.co.uk