08/06/2015 12:00 AM

Dance Community to Celebrate Rugby World Cup 2015

This September Millennium Square Leeds will be filled with a cast of 300 local volunteers, an elaborate moving set, and 3,000 spectators eagerly awaiting the delivery of outdoor theatre producers Tangled Feet’s spectacular creative vision, which is at the centre of the official cultural programme celebrating RWC 2015 in Leeds.
This mass participation show, titled ‘Collective Endeavour’ will tell the story of the power of community, heroic leadership and rugby’s traditions of justice and fair play.
Nathan Curry, Artistic Director Tangled Feet said: "Collective Endeavour is going to be an epic celebration of the power of community, of strength in numbers and of the idea that great things can be done when working as a team. We are calling on the dance community of Leeds to take part in celebrating this fantastic event and the arrival of RWC 2015 in the city.
It’s a testament to the talent in Leeds that this spectacular of dance and performing arts will take place in a City of Dance, home to some of the world’s leading dance companies and grass roots dance academies.”
Tangled Feet and the team behind the Try cultural programme want to reflect the city’s dance community and show off the talents of the leading organisations by working with Leeds’ ance academies to recruit a team of Dance Captains who will be the leading lights of the future.
The Dance Captains will lead small groups of performers, weaving through the crowds to deliver a gripping and moving performance to thousands of spectators in this theatrical spectacular. The programme will also spotlight the Dance Captains, their early career and the companies they represent with a dedicated media partnership telling the story of dance in Leeds and calling all would-be dancers to join the cast of Collective Endeavour.
If you are interested in taking part and becoming a Dance Captain or a volunteer performer get in touch with Dep Arts on 0113 234 6911 or sign up at: www.tryleeds.com.
You can also sign up to the Facebook Group for regular updates and details of rehearsals at: www.facebook.com/tryleeds
TRY is the official cultural programme for RWC 2015 in Leeds delivering by Dep Arts in partnership with Leeds City Council. The programme is funded by England Rugby 2015, Leeds City Council and Arts Council England.