07/10/2015 03:00 PM

Cinema Takeover

Leeds Young Film, supported by charity Into Film are delighted to announce a brand new project...
Cinema: Takeover!
The project is a chance for you to learn all about how cinemas put their film programmes together and then create your very own.
Working as a team, you will get training from professionals working in the industry, including cinema managers, event managers, programmers and marketing & promotional experts and then using the budget we provide you, TAKEOVER 3 screenings across the city!
The programme runs from the end of October until February and will meet on
Thursdays from 4-6.30pm and the first session starts on Thursday 22nd October.
Does this sound like something you're interested in?
If so, all you need to do is email debbie.maturi@leeds.gov.uk as soon as possible,
with your name, age and why you'd like to be involved.
The deadline is soon – Friday 16 October, so get in touch now if you’d like to take part!
We look forward to hearing from you