25/05/2016 12:00 AM

Big Disco!

On July 1st 2016 a disco ball, two and a half times the size of a double decker bus, will be suspended over Leeds while, across Yorkshire, 25,000 people will simultaneously dance to the same epic track.
We want to invite YOU to be one of those enjoying the party.
Building on the momentum established with Le Tour de France’s Grand Départ, Yorkshire Festival has commissioned Duke Studios to deliver the ultimate disco party as a key part of the Yorkshire Festival. As well as the Big Disco in Leeds, groups all across the region will use DIY disco kits to become part of the nation’s biggest party.
We are here to support you whether you want to come to the event in Leeds or to host your own Little Disco in your area.
Party at the Disco Ball:
Will you be joining us on the day at this huge celebration? We have an awesome party lined up with something to suit for all ages. Dance to our all-star musical line up http://thebigdisco.com/big-disco/line-up/  or bring your baby along to our Baby-Rave curated by the utterly brilliant BoomchikkaBoom http://bigdisco.eventgenius.co.uk/events/Boomchikkaboom-BIG-DISCO-Baby-Rave-at-Duke-Studios-010716/index.html  The day will be family friendly, with a whole children’s area dedicated to you and your little ones having a fun and safe time. There will be a delicious range of food traders, drinks options and a whole host of extra special folk helping us party throughout the day. Keep an eye out for announcements about all the fabulous fun we have lined up!
Get tickets for the big day here:
Sports Groups:
Perhaps you would like to host a disco-themed sports afternoon - what sports will you do? Will they be set to music? Let us know - we have musical suggestions aplenty, including our specially curated track listing chosen by our all-star line up for the Big Disco.
Scouting Troops:
Maybe you run a scouts group and would like to work towards a dance-themed badge? Tell us what you are planning, and how you would like to be involved. We can make sure your event is included in our record-breaking party!
Dance schools:
Do you fancy hosting a dance-a-thon? Will you be dancing at 7.20 pm on Friday, 1st July? Share your plans with us here at Big Disco - we can help you publicise your event and supply you with a digital disco pack.
Youth centre:
Are you looking to join in with the region’s biggest party? If you would like to involve your centre with the wide range of events across Yorkshire then drop us a line. Tell us what you are thinking of doing and we will do our best to support your ideas and help ensure connectivity to ensure your event is a big success.
Arts and Theatre Groups:
Perhaps Big Disco fits in with performance projects you are already working on. Share your creativity with us, let us know where you’ll be doing your thing and we can link it with other events on our giant Big Disco/Little Disco map.
None of the Above:

Whatever your group and ideas, we are here to support you and we welcome your involvement. Get in touch and let’s work together to make this the biggest and best Disco Friday! Will you be wearing costumes? Theming your event? Hosting it in an unusual location? And afterwards you can let us know how it went at the big moment @The_BigDisco #bigdiscodancing
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Big Disco wishes and BIG LOVE