UK Youth Parliament - Leeds

Every two years, young people in the city vote for their four Members of Youth Parliament for Leeds. These four young people are the elected representatives for Leeds young people on a local, regional and a national level.
The current Members of Youth Parliament for Leeds are:
  • Charlotte Williams
  • Muzdalfa Ahmed
  • Liberty Branston
  • Scarlet Rowe
Each September, young people from across the UK are asked to complete a Make Your Mark ballot to vote for the youth issue they feel is most important to them. The top 5 issues from across the UK are then taken to the House of Commons in November, where Members of Youth Parliament debate and discuss them before voting for the UKYP national campaign.
For 2015-16, 968,091 young people in the UK took part in the ballot (including 16,343 from Leeds). The issue the UK Youth Parliament will be campaigning on throughout 2016 is ‘tackling racism and religious discrimination”  and Leeds City Council will be holding a series of youth summits on the issue aimed at community groups and schools.
In the past few years, Members of Youth Parliament in Leeds have been extremely successful with their previous campaigns.
Our 2014 Campaign: Votes at 16
Members of Youth Parliament in Leeds believed that political awareness amongst young people needed to be better in order to realise the national campaign of 16+ year olds being able to vote in general elections. They wrote and delivered a workshop called ‘democracy day’ to students from schools around the city.
Our 2015 Campaign: Improving Mental Health Services For Young People
Members of Youth Parliament worked together to create a resource pack for local schools and services. This included useful information for young people, staff and also a short film to raise awareness about mental health.

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