Breeze on Tour

Summer fun for under 19s! Arts, inflatables, sports, crafts, performances, dance, Breeze has Talent semi finals and so much more!
Don't forget your BreezeCard! If you bring your BreezeCard with you you'll have fast track entry, otherwise you can sign up on the gate. Find out more about BreezeCard here, including where to get yours. 


Breeze on Tour 2016 12 noon - 5pm:

10/11 August - Roundhay Park
17/18 August - Cross Flatts Park

Mini Breeze 2016 all 1pm - 5pm:

Saturday 23 July - Kippax Fun Day, Kippax Common
Thursday 28 July - Queenswood Drive (opposite Social Club)
Friday 29 July - Springhead Park, Rothwell
Saturday 30 July - Nunroyd Park, Guiseley
Monday 1 August - Woodhouse Moor, Hyde Park
Tuesday 2 August - Bramley Park
Wednesday 3 August - Wortley Recreation Ground
Thursday 4 August - Calverley Park
Friday 5 August - Scatcherd Park, Morley
Saturday 6 August - Bed Quilts Rec Ground, Adel
Monday 8 August - Garforth Academy
Friday 12 August - Gildersome Cricket Club
Saturday 13 August - Yeadon Tarn
Monday 15 August - Blackgates Primary School, East Ardsley
Friday 19 August - Tinshill Top (playing field)
Monday 22 August - Middleton Park
Tuesday 23rd August - Armley Park
Thursday 25 August - Swinnow Moor
Friday 26 August - Hunslet Girls and Boys Club

Don't forget your BreezeCard!

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Scroll down this page to reach our FAQ on Breeze on Tour/Mini Breeze.

Breeze on Tour

Breeze events are run by Leeds City Council to offer something for all 0 to 19 years to do during the school holidays. Breeze on Tour offers a variety of activities from arts, crafts and multimedia workshops, sports activities, information, a performance tent and a large range of inflatables such as obstacle courses, rock climbers, challenge games and sporting inflatables as well as an under 5 play section. Breeze on Tour is split into 5 zones; Play, Sport, Challenge, Info, Art and Performance. Offering something for all tastes. Please see our FAQ below for details of height restrictions in each inflatables zone.
PLEASE NOTE: No dogs are allowed (except assistance dogs) at Breeze on Tour or Mini Breeze.
Any children wearing face paint will not be allowed on the inflatables.

Mini Breeze

Mini Breeze is a mini version of Breeze on Tour (so suitable for ages 0 - 19 years), hosted in smaller parks for local communities, with inflatables, arts crafts and a media workshop bus which are all free, plus refreshments stalls and some fairground rides which you will need money for if you want to use them. These are funded by the communities themselves, usually through Area Committees.  
We may be running a Mini Breeze near to where you live check back here or on our facebook page for where we'll be popping up! Mini Breeze is suitable for all young people aged 0 to 19 years.
PLEASE NOTE: No dogs are allowed (except assistance dogs) at Breeze on Tour or Mini Breeze.

Photo Gallery

You can view all our photos from the main events (not Mini Breeze) from this years and previous on our Flickr page.

Find out about relaxed openings for young people with additional needs.

Find out more about the different zones and what's on

Breeze on Tour FAQs

Click to expandCan we bring the dog?

Sorry, no dogs allowed at Breeze on Tour or Mini Breeze, apart from assistance dogs.

Click to expandHow do we get in / do we need a ticket?

Breeze events are free to all 0 to 19 year olds and their families, however you do need a Breezecard!
The fastest way to get into Breeze on Tour and avoid the big queues is to make sure you bring your Breezecard with you. If you don't already have one or have lost yours you can apply for one at the link below and collect it at a sport centre or library.
If you cannot sign up for a Breezecard before the event you can on the gate but be prepared to queue!

How to get a Breezecard

Click to expandIs everything free?

While all the inflatables and the activities in the tents are free there is a fairground zone and refreshment stalls which you will need some money for if you want to use them. We try our best to put these sections together should you wish to avoid them.

Click to expandWhat's on at Breeze on Tour

We split the event up into 6 different zones: Art, Challenge, Info, Performance, Play and Sport. We try to offer something for everyone no matter if you are 3 or 17. Within some of the zones with inflatables there are height restrictions, please read about them below.

You can find out about what will be available in each zone by clicking the link below.

What's on at Breeze on Tour

Click to expandHeight Restrictions

We try and offer activities for all ages from 0 to 19. There is a Play Zone for under 5s and a variety of workshops to suit all the older age ranges.

We have height restrictions on some of our inflatables (see below) and some other activities for safety reasons, these are to keep your children and other children safe. Our inflatable equipment comes with guidelines within which we can be flexible to some degree by matching the heights, not ages, of those going on the equipment. We have large, prominent height boards on entry and dotted around the site, explaining the heights and zones to inform families of the zones and to ensure they do not waste time queuing for inflatables catering for a different height.
At busy times there will be always be some queues and we try to manage these as well as we can, including introducing other activities and sporting activities with parents.

We colour co-ordinate our Zones for the inflatables as follows:

GREEN FLAGS - Tot Breezers – under 1m (age 3* and under)
RED FLAGS - Family Breezers – 1m+ (age 4+*) please note in this zone at times staff will make a judgement on height ranges participating at the same time on some of the inflatables
BLUE FLAGS - Big Breezers 1.2m+ (age 8+*) - BLUE FLAGS
Hangar – over 132cm (age 9+*)

Heights are worked out from the 50th percentile of age ranges (average height for ages).

*Ages are approximate.

All activities checked and suitable for heights outlined in our risk assessments.

Click to expandHow accessible is Breeze on Tour for wheelchair users, or people using wheelchairs?

All Breeze events are run on large flat grassed areas, accessible to wheelchair users. All Breeze on Tour events offer disabled parking and disabled toilets. All Breeze on Tour events are for any children and young people aged from 0 up to 19 years.

For more information and how to book onto the relaxed opening slots for young people with additional needs see the link below.

Accessibility at Breeze on Tour

Click to expandIs there any extra provision for young people with additional needs?

Yes! We offer a relaxed opening for young people with additional needs or disabilities, this allows them to come along with their families and experience the event prior to opening to the general public.

For more information on accessiblity and booking a relaxed opening slot click on the link below.

Accessibility at Breeze on Tour

Click to expandWill there be a Breeze event near me?

Breeze on Tour events are planned in large parks strategically across the city. A lot of thought and planning goes into their locations, from suitability at the venue to access, to enable as many people to come from across Leeds. This year we have moved some of our locations to allow young people who did not attend last year to come this year.
Mini Breeze events are funded by localities themselves, usually through Community Committees. Therefore we work with those areas who commission us to find the most suitable venue.
Sadly not all areas commission Breeze events so we are sorry if we didn't make it to where you live, keep an eye out on the website as new dates go up right up to the start of the summer holidays.